Best Restaurants in Malta

A listing on this website is not for sale.

We value our own experience too much to mention restaurants for a fee where we would definitely not eat. We eat regularly and satisfactorily in all the restaurants mentioned here.

And because we also think it is important that it should be affordable for everyone, we will certainly not mention exclusive 5-star restaurants where you can eat well, but for a much too high price. Because eating out once must fit into everyone's (holiday) budget.

Also, the order on this website is random. It's all just very good and we don't participate in the nonsense of a top 10. It is purely ''your taste'' that determines what you choose.

Not just any Chinese restaurant, but a restaurant where the owners make sure that the visitors feel welcome and where the (Chinese) owner, a chef, ensures that the food tastes delicious. (more...)

Bombay Masala Indian Restaurant Bugibba

An absolute must for lovers of Indian cuisine. Do not expect excessive luxury, but do expect a very affordable and very tasty bite to eat. The owner works in the business himself and provides a perfect meal that is also very affordable. (more...)