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What tourists think about Malta & Gozo

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Lets talk about Malta. What's your opinion about Malta, the restaurants, bar's, hotels and the Maltese people? And what about the Maltese sun (xemx), the blue sea and the old temples?


Reviews for Malta

  • Malta
    David Osborne
    Date of Review:Thursday 17 April 2014
    Malta - Our 2nd home
    4 times a year me and my wife fly to Malta and stay there for a few weeks. We do so for the last 12 years and stayed everywhere on the island. We see it as our second home and when the time come we stop work we will move there to live.

    It's a paradise for us as UK Citizens because every Maltese speaks very good English. We went to Spain once and it was hard there to make clear what you want. So we choose the Maltese Xemx and drink a CISK beer
  • Malta
    Bas van Beek
    Date of Review:Wednesday 16 April 2014
    I love it too
    The heat of Africa, the wealth of Europe. I love this place. Everything is close by, because it is a small island. And not to mention the great prices. Where else in Europe you get a fresh beer for one Euro?
  • Malta
    Arie Kers
    Date of Review:Wednesday 16 April 2014
    Love Malta
    Sure.... Malta is not perfect, but what country is?
    Lovely country and the perfect place to enjoy life.

    Live her now for 6 years and still happy to be on the Island
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