About Kercem

Ta' Kerċem is a village on the island of Gozo, Malta, with a population of 1,905 people as of March 2011.

The village of Ta' Kerċem lies close by to the south-west of Victoria, spread between the picturesque Lunzjata Valley, the green hills of Tal-Mixta, Għar Ilma and Ta' Dbieġi, and stretching up to the Pond of Għadira ta' San Rafflu and Xlendi cliffs.

Archaeological discoveries show that the sizeable area of Ta' Kerċem was inhabited as early as the Għar Dalam phase (5000-4500 BC). The Roman Baths and an early Christian cemetery at Għar Gerduf, referred to by Gozitan historian De Soldanis as Roman Catacombs, are also significant discoveries. However to date, these historic sites are not accessible to the public.

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