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Anchor Bay

Popeye Village

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Anchor Bay takes its name from the large anchor situated at the edge of the bay. This was one of the most charming and attractive bays in Malta until the area was completely taken over for the filming of ‘Popeye the Movie’ in 1979 starring Robin Williams. The whole set of Sweethaven Village still stands in place thirty years later and has become a mini theme park and tourist attraction to the detriment of the natural environment of the area.

The picturesque inlet is surrounded by rocky slopes on either side and is a popular dive site due to the extensive marine life and a large cave easily accessible from a steep slope leading down to the bay. The little quay is also usually used as a peaceful spot by fishermen to cast out from. Even though the sea is generally calm here, the general exposed nature of Anchor Bay is only suitable for experienced and good swimmers.

Anchor Bay is located in between of two cliffs with the dive site directly opposite of it reachable by a small jetty like road. There are many boulders inside the bay which have formed nice swimthroughs and small caverns. There is also a very small wreck on the outside of the bay hardly worth mentioning.


With the cliffs at your left side you will find a cave often named scorpion cave. Its entrance is at 8 meters but only completely submerged for the first few meters. After that it is a brilliant cave with life underwater being as spectacular as the views above water. Snorkelers can use another entrance and can also investigate the spectacular dome inside the cave. Surfacing can be done in several chambers but keep your regulator in as air is often not very good. If you continue swimming to the other side of the bay you will find an enormous chain with a huge anchor, which has given this bay its name. The bay houses wrasses, scorpion fish, many morays, groupers, parrot fish and octopus and is great if you like caves.